WATCH MI STEP – Dance School and Dancehall Community from Leipzig – Germany

In 2011 Isigal (German Dancehall Queen 2008/2009) and Mr. Dagga from Spain initiated the project WATCH MI STEP Dance School in Leipzig, Germany. The intention is promoting Reggae Dancehall culture and building up a community of people sharing the love for Jamaican and Caribbean dances.

WATCH MI STEP has about 20 – 30 active participants in regular dance classes, different dance workshops or parties. Highlights so far were international Dancehall masterclasses in Leipzig with Latonya Style (Jamaica), Andre Cosmic (Jamaica), Sri-Lanka (Jamaica), Mad Mike (Italy), Prima Cali (Spain) [] and dance classes with Swaggi Maggi and Chris Icon from Germany. WATCH MI STEP is one of the few organisations of this kind of workshops in Germany.

To attract more attention and introduce Dancehall to even more people they realized a side project called “WE DANCE[h]ALL – Everybody Can Dance” 2012 in Leipzig. Girls and boys could participate in dance classes for free. The result can you see here []. Aside from dance classes and workshops WATCH MI STEP does support local Dancehall parties, to strengthen the community feeling and to show that dancers are an important part of a dance.

Mr. Dagga and Isi, in their role as dance teachers held dance classes in Germany, Spain and music festivals like ROTOTOM Sunsplash [] and they are accompaning the German Reggae Dancehall artist Ronny Trettmann on his tour. Listen to a featured song with Chi Chi Ching here [].

In the near future Mr. Dagga, also Dancehall Enterainer, MC and Selector, is competing in the European Dancehall King contest for Spain and WATCH MI STEP is co-organising a dance battle in their hometown. Future goals are more masterclasses, a trip to Jamaica and more Dancehall enthusiastics. Have fun dancing was and will always be the first goal of the community.

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