Her adventure with dance started at the age of 4. It was her mother who took her to the first dancing classes from which she was dragged out by force. The first styles she trained (show dance, ballroom dancing, folk dance) did not show that in the future she is going to take up such a hot and sensuous dance which is dancehall.

Years passed by but her fascination with dance and music did not fade. At the age of seven she decided to expand her knowledge and acquire new skills. In order to so she enrolled at Ludomir Różycki The State Music School in Świdnica (the violin class) which she finished with flying colours. Music experience allowed her to make further progress with her dance in a more musically and rhythmically conscious way.

Since 2001 she has belonged to the Świdnicka group called ”Second” with which I won numerous awards at dance competition (among others II place in “Lower Silesia Hip Hop Dance Competition” 2003, 2004;

I place in ”Open Lower Silesia Voivodship- Freestyle” 2006). In the end, fascination with show dance went towards such styles like hip hop, new style, break dance and even Arabic belly dancing. During the years 2006-2007 she tried her hand and tested her skills in numerous competitions in which she had substantial successes: II place in the final of Warsaw Competition „Shake Ya Booty 2006”, II place in the International Dancing Competition “Hronovskie Jablicko 2007” in Czech Republic, II place in Poznań Elimination for “Booty Challenge 2007 Competition”, I place in the half final of “Shake Ya Booty 2007 Competition”.

Tasting particular styles, she was searching „the only one” in which she could fully fulfill herself. The breakthrough moment was 2005. It was time when she “discovered” dancehall. Watching films on the Internet she came across a video of dancing girls from Jamaica. Right away she knew that it is what she had searched before for a long time. What is interesting, the dancers from a video clip were making movements which were well known to her. She performed them in her choreographies but didn’t realize that it is dancehall. One can say that she performed it unconsciously;) So dancehall and DHQ Afro were meant for each other. After this event, bursting with full determination she began to learn this dance style, its history and origin. Dancehall became a priority in her life. It became her life. The evidence for this are the numerous awards she has won so far: IV place in “EUROPEAN DANCEHALL QUEEN CONTEST 2008” (Bologna – Italy), I place in “DANCEHALL QUEEN POLAND 2008” , II place in the regional championships “Dancehall Queen 2008” in Montego Bay in Jamaica, I place in “DANCEHALL QUEEN POLAND 2009”,II place in the World Championships “INTERNATIONAL DANCEHALL QUEEN 2009” in Montego Bay in Jamaica and the award for the best choreography, I place in “DANCEHALL QUEEN POLAND 2010”, I place i first competition “Hip Hop Kemp Dancehall Queen 2011” Czech Republic, I place at “Dancehall International 2013” preelimination in Poland, II place at “EUROPEAN DANCEHALL QUEEN 2013” Vienna.

Since June 2010, together with other talented dancers, she has had the first professional dancehall group called “Ukku Bit DivAss”.

Her dancing progress was also heavily influenced by the participation in countless video clips, concerts, dance and music projects and cooperation with many known artists of the Polish and the international scene, eg: Mr Vegas, Aidonia, Beenie Man, Rdx, Busy Signal, Baby Cham, Lady Chan, Marika, Junior Stress, Don Gural Esko etc.

From January 2013 DHQ Afro is an official dance specialist in Reebok – the most popular sport company in the world.

Ula “Afro” Fryc is one of the most award-wining dancehall dancers in Poland and one of the most valued dancers in Europe and in the world. She is one of the ringleaders of this dance in our country and certainly the person who promotes this hot and exceptional dance in a very professional and intensive way. Each year she gains new experience and puts a lot of effort and determination in her improvement as well as her charges. Thanks to shows and workshops conducted on the territory of Poland as well as abroad she broadens people’s knowledge about the beautiful art which dancehall is.


Web site: http://www.ulaafrofryc.com/

Fan page: https://www.facebook.com/UlaAfro

Email: dhqafro.dancehall@gmail.com

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