Steven Da Dancer
VA’DHK-STEVEN was born on the 13th July 1988 and considers himself the 1st AMERICAN Dancehall Dancer. Born & Raised in USA, grew up in Long Island, NY and still remains living in that area. He is very passionate about dancing He STARTED Dancing in 1998 & Been Dancing for 15 years strong. He started his career in “2000” at Club JAMROCK, Long Island NY where he has been well known for his talent & energy. In 2011 he branch off and made his way to VIRGINIA to compete for DANCEHALL KING where he won 1st place & was crowned as their new State King. Since then he has been traveling out the country, up & down the east coast sharing his dream among other dancers & patrons. Haven’t made it to JAMAICA yet but hoping to get there soon to see what it’s like.

He is more independent and focus more on what he wants to achieve in life which is dancing. Being around alot of hardworking pairs he has also adopt alot of knowledge and learn alot from it. Being in a complicated work field he had missed out on alot of dancing he had missed out on alot of opportunities as well but now he have all the time in the world to get back on his feet to show the world that EVERYBODY CAN DANCE BUT NOT EVERYBODY AH DANCER (Bogle Voice)

DANCING was a gift that I was giving as a kid growing up watching so many PASSA PASSA ,Hot Mondays, jiggy Fridays , WEDDY WEDDY , DVDs of his IDLE LEGENDARY BOGLE’ aka mr.Wacky he pick up dancing as a trait and lived with it from all the inspirational words bogle use to say if u love dance don’t stop dance

The people that motivates me in dancehall to keep forward & stay on a positive path is Dj Kenny New Talent, Dansa & Boysie Roses crew, DHK-BinGi Suspence, Spikes, DhQ-Miss Bashment , Craigy Dread, Dj Kriss Kapone, these are very good friends of mines & I appreciate them being in my corner & showing me what dancehall is about ” UNITY ” love & respect.

Look out & stay tune for the upcoming Movie that soon going to hit the airway INTERNATIONAL