Denise “Stacey” Cumberland was crowned Dancehall Queen in 1999 and remembered as the first DHQ for dancing skills. Stacey proceeded after Dancehall Queen Carlene who was noted for her fashionable exotic outfits and her signature dance move: the butterfly.
Stacey won several awards over the years in her career as a dancer, got the opportunity to travel with Patra and Mad Anju as back up dancer, and visited many countries around the world as a solo dancer.

DanceJa spotted Stacey in the streets during the holiday season at events such as Uptown Mondays, Hot Mondays, Weddy Weddy, Gi weh Wednesdays and Sherlock All White among others.
We take this opportunity to give her a special big up for her achievement as a dancer and for setting the trend with her acrobatic moves including splits, head top and climbing sound boxes and light stands.