smood elite teamSmood elite, whose real name is Sherlon D Brooks, was born at the Jubilee Hospital on the 2nd of November 1992. He grew up in the ghetto of Bynloss Lane, Central Kingston (Spoilaz) and lived there for 17 years before moving to the more peaceful side of Rockfort, Kingston 02 (Springfield on the sea) with his mom, brother and little sister.
He attended the Holy Family Primary School (1998-2004) where he started to show that he could dance at the age of 8 and was already going to parties on the weekend only with his older brother. He then graduated to Excelsior High School (2004-2009) where he really took dancing seriously and got the name (Zala). Zala won multiple clashes and competitions at school and he balanced his dancing with his school work. Sherlon made his name known at his high school at a major competition called Excelsior talent search, where he entered as a solo dancer while everyone else entered with their group and won the first place trophy. In 2010-2012 he attended Garmex Heart Academy where he was doing the level 2 course in data operations and was president of the dance club where he taught dancing he learned from the streets to anyone willing to learn.

Since then, Zala was a part of a group called Platinum dancer which later changed their name to Unit 1 dancers, which was lead by his older brother Damion (sleepy) Brooks who stopped dancing a while after, which caused the group to break up. He was dancing solo for a while before meeting Andre Cosmic who was known also as “Mad Head” and Tevin “killa bean” Shaw where they invited him to join a crew they were making with Raddy Rich, but unfortunately he didn’t at the time. After moving to Rockfort he ran into Andre again at a party where he insisted that he join this team, so he did, after a vote by the members of Elite Team he was officially a member. There his name was changed from Zala to Smood by Phoenix Elite, and was taught by him and Andre how to dance with more energy, to flow with the riddim and how to use and make space when dancing. With each passing year, he grew and got more experienced in his dancing career.

Performances/ shows/ events
• Performed at High schools and Universities such as: Queens, Arden, Alpha, Holy Trinity and Vauxhall, UWI etc.
• Appearances on Hype TV – Up and Live “Selectors Pick” 2011-2013
• Performed with DanceJa Team at Flow National Basketball Competition
• Dancing Dynamites with artiste “Brandish”
• Sean Kingston coco cola show 2010
• Weekly Dancehall Events such as (Uptown Mondays, Hot Mondays, Boasy Tuesday, WeddyWeddy Wed, Grab A Gyal Saturdays, Wild Out Sundays, Icicle Sundays and Bounty Sundays)

Music videos/ TV shows
• IN THE DANCE 2011-2012
• Konshens- Do Sum’n
• Brandish- summer swing

• Stone Love best dance group trophy 2011
• Uptown Mondays award 2012

Dance moves created by Elite Team
• Badda wave
• Tsunami rock
• Problem
• Kotch
• Wuk
• Cha cha bowy
• Skank along
• Bazzle walk
• Wetteh
• Move n gweh
• Shoota 1&2
• K.O 1,2&3
• Fatal
• Gringo
• Zombie rock
• So Smood

Contact info
Phone: +1-876-865-8860