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Virginia Graham and Winston Lewis had no idea they were giving birth to a ‘Star’ back in 1984 of December. Sheldon Lewis is known to be the one with the extraordinary talent in his family. He was born in the parish of St. Mary where he grew up with his four sisters and three brothers. Years after he moved into the region of Kingston, he attended the Norman Manley High School and was very much involved in performing arts where he found his love for dancing.

In early 2000, he was acknowledged by one of Jamaica’s greatest dancers Bogle, who helped to pave the way for Sheldon by being his role model. They raved together, while Bogle highlighted his talent and showcase his skills. Sheldon is indeed a very zealous dancer filled with energy and enthusiasm, with a character that leaves his audience hypnotized after watching him dance.
Sheldon created a name for himself from one of his famous dance move called Shelly Belly. The dance move made waves across the island and even made it on the international scene by some of the various artistes from Jamaica who started to use the name in their songs, it became one of the most popular dance move known to all age groups, especially the kids. “Shelly Belly” was not only a dance move but became his official alias in the streets, in his home with his family and friends.
In 2003 Shelly Belly was fully established and decided to do dancing as a full time profession because of his love for it and the encouragement he got from his peers to pursue it. He made more and more dance moves some of which are still active today such as Luggo Luggo, 90s Rock, Rodney Rodney, Clean, Cow Foot, Pressure Dem, Fix it and many more. His talent got advanced and his fan base expanded, Shelly Belly became one of the public figures of Jamaican Dancehall because of his fashion and his captivating movements.

Shelly Belly started his own dance group called ‘Bermuda Squad’ in late 2005 with four other members and Shelly Belly as the leader of the team. They were often seen at local events back then, from Passa Passa, Dutty Friday, Bembe Thursdays, Boasy Tues, Uptown Mon, to Weddy Wednesday. They were frequently booked to perform at major events and stage shows such as Sumfest, Fully Loaded, Sting, Follow The Arrow just to name a few and worked alongside some Top Dancehall Recording Artistes including Beenie Man, Fambo, Elephant man, just to name a few.
Shelly Belly has performed in countries such as USA, England, Canada, Bermuda, Trinidad, Antigua, Cayman and Japan. In 2013 he started to exercise his teaching ability and in early 2014 he travelled to Japan to perform as well as teach a few dance sessions with his Japanese students. He continued this aspect of his career when he went on his first European Tour in July 2014 to conduct dancehall workshops and do performances in Countries such as:

Spain (Madrid), Sweden (Gothenburg & Stockholm) , Belgium (Brussels), Italy (Rome, Turin, Pescara, Lecce), France (Paris) and Switzerland (Zurich).

Dance Moves Created by Shelly Belly
1. Motor Waste
2. Donkey Ankle
3. Fix It
4. Wheel her in
5. Oreo
6. Pressure Dem
7. Clean
8. Cow Foot
9. Creeping
10. Jack it Up
11. Happy Dance
12. Rodney Rodney
13. Luggo Lugo
14. 90s Rock
15. One Don
16. Bermuda
17. Chakka Belly
18. Shelly Belly