Schoy Stewart, Performer, Choreographer, Entertainer, born in Kingston, Jamaica. Schoy, is highly self motivated, driven by his creative mind and his surroundings; raised by his father, a single parent in Granspen on Fagon Avenue, one of Jamaican inner city community and later moving to Greater Portmore. He is considered to be one of Jamaica’s most influential, talented and highly unique performer, seen by many as one of the world’s greatest interpreter of music through his movements. Dancing and music has always been apart of his life, he has been practicing and perfecting his art form, from as far back as he can remember, has a child he would perform for friends, family members, teachers and just about anyone who would watch him. His influences stems from Jamaican’s reggae culture and it’s music. He has an admiration for the talents of Michael Jackson, Sammy Davis Jr., Usher Raymond, Gerald Levy A.K.A Bogle, Bruck Up and Tippa (Squad 1).

To gain strength and improvement Schoy performed in local stage shows and talent contests while attending Halfway Tree Primary, Breaton Primary and St. Catherine High School. He then attended Edna Manley School for the Performing Arts in Kingston, Jamaica to better harness his skill set.

In 2006 Stewart, tried out and was accepted into one of Jamaica’s most talented and popular dance group ‘Shady Squad’. Later on making the bold decided to venture out unto his own and into others areas of entertainment, he parted with his fellow group members to create his brainchild, the entertainment duo ‘Infamous Dancers’ between himself and one other member. Their debut performance at the 2011 Youth View Awards Show, is considered by his peers to be one of the most creative and entertainingly refreshing dance performances from a Jamaican group.

Schoy, has worked with and choreographed music videos and stage performances for quite a few of Jamaican’s top entertainment artists including Tifa, Tami Chynn, Natallee Storm, Wayne Marshall, Voicemail, Shaggy, Beenie Man and Diana King, to name a few. His appearances includes some of Jamaican’s most popular stage shows such as: Youth View Awards, Sting and Sumfest. He has made a number of appearances on several local television programs, ‘On The Verge’ a televised talent competition, where he was asked to be a judge, Hype TV (Up & Live), RE TV (High School Tour), Intense Entertainment, Smile Jamaica (TVJ) and On Stage; one of Jamaica’s top entertainment report program. He co-host a weekly radio program on Fame FM ‘Fullhouse Friday’. Currently Schoy, is a member of the DanceJa Movement and teaches dance & fitness classes at DanceJa Studio in Kingston and Porthenderson plaza in Portmore that caters to all ages and open to anyone wanting to learn how to dance whether for fun, fitness or professionally.

Schoy Stewart, lives by his creed; “Believe in living ones own dreams and not just existing. My mind is my only hindrance. With prayer and hard work, anything can be accomplished”, believing all the while that, if we could see music, his dance movements would be a physical form of how it would look.

Below in his own words Schoy, describes why he dances:

“The reason why I love what I do is because it is so real, I get to connect and communicate with thousands of people without ever speaking one word, dancing for me is not just movements it is a spiritual energy that transcends through movements accompanied by music. I have been given a talent from the almighty and how I present it to the public is a gift from me to them. With this talent I was given, I truly believe my purpose is to create a positive impact on the lives of anyone that has been influenced by this gift of entertainment that I have received and to show everyone that we all have greatness inside each of us. We all have the ability to access it in our own unique and special way. If I can connect and create a positive impact on anyone’s life through what I do, then I feel I have done my job.
You need to know yourself, to grow yourself and be able reach your own greatness”.