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Ovamarz, founder of the ‘Above A Dem’ Squad and former founding-member of the Ravers Cavers Dance Crew, is the dancehall mastermind behind the creation of several world-renowned Dancehall dance steps, and has earned the distinction of being a role model for many dancers across the world. His inimitable style, combined with his intricate body movements has brought him significant acclaim, with the name ‘Dancehall Genius’ being one of titles bestowed on him.

Marlon ‘Ovamarz’ Hardy, born 16-August 1983, second of three brothers, grew up in Nanny Ville Garden, Kingston, Jamaica. He attended Excelsior Primary, Norman Garden All Age and completed his academic studies at Clan Carty High School. During his school days Ovamarz was known for his sportsmanship, as he was outstanding in track and field, but truly enjoyed football. He had great admired for the popular Holland World Cup Football player Marc Overmars and in 1998 he named himself Overmars. His previous nick name in school was Power Rangers but the name Ovamarz stuck on him because his talent was so extraordinary and the name Overmars could also mean he is over Mars (the planet) in other words ‘out in space’.
His interest in dancing started at age 12, being inspired by an older dancer in his community named Fowler, who would dance by the Market Shed Centre while the popular Caveman Sound System selected the tunes. Ovamarz would go home and practice the dance moves he saw the dancers doing until he perfected them. That same year of 1995, Folwa highlighted Ovamarz by calling him into the dance ring at a street party, where he received an overwhelming applause from the patrons and approval from Fowla. He showcased the Dance Step called ‘Tame the Bull’ which was later called ‘Raging Bull’ as it became his Signature Dance Move winning him major recognition in the dancing fraternity. Since then dancing became an important part of his life as he began to make special appearances as a popular dancehall dancer at events, weekly parties, school fetes and nightclubs. His popularity rose even more while competing with another popular dancer called ‘Shortman’ at the Asylum Club in Jamaica. Ovamarz performance caught the attention of the late Dancehall Icon and Pioneer Gerald ‘Bogle’ Levy, who invited him to go places with him and his Black Roses Crew.

Ovamarz founded the Above A Dem Dance Group in 2008, and by 2009 the group was awarded Stone Love’s best new dance group trophy in Jamaica. 2009 also brought forth the groups’ nomination for the USA IRAWMA Award (International Reggae and World Music Award) for best dance group and in 2011 he received the Bogle award for “Best Dance Creator” from CaribVibes TV. He was also nominated three times in DanceJa’s Online Awards as Favorite Male Dancer.
Ovamarz has been making his presence felt in the entertainment scene and his talent is uniquely jaw dropping and excitement filled, with the display of creativity in every move he makes. He is the Creator / Choreographer of world renowned steps such as Conquer Dem, Nuh Linga, Nuh Behavia, Now you see me, Now You Don’t and Step Ova, just to name a few. His Dance Moves are branded with his signature classy style, slick foot works and body movements that is packaged as a challenge that must be taken on. Just hearing the names of his steps brings a smile to people’s faces and although they may look difficult at first, they are quite easy once tried.

Ovarmarz was truly honored as he watched, in almost disbelief, when his creation was broadcast on live television from Beijing, China, as Usain Bolt performed his Nuh Linga Step, after winning his race, in celebration of his world record breaking victory. Subsequently this placed Ovamarz and the dance in the archives of history.

Recognized as being among the cream of the crop in the dancehall industry as it relates to dancers, the talented youngster took his career to a higher level and became a Dee Jay / Performing Artiste. He started to record songs in collaboration with Dancehall Top Artistes as well as Solo singles, mostly pertaining to dancing. His music collaboration with Elephant Man for his dance move “Step Ova” won him a feature in KFC’s iTwist Advertisement.


Major local media houses have done highlights on Ovamarz dancing accomplishments and he has been featured in several music videos with Dancehall Top Artistes such as Mr. Vegas, Beenie Man, Voicemail, Elephant Man, Kiprich, Q-Sean, Lady Saw, etc. He got many opportunities to perform as solo dancer and with Artistes locally and internationally in countries such as Antigua, Bermuda, Grand Cayman, Barbados, Trinidad, Canada, England and USA at major stage shows and events.
Ovamarz is a remarkable Dance Instructor and communicator, with an unmistakably distinct voice, and an undeniable passion for passing on his knowledge to his students worldwide. He teaches select dance workshops at DanceJa Skool in Kingston, Jamaica and gained previous experience when he taught at several schools and colleges over the years.
He stands firm in his objective to preserve the genuine Dancehall culture and his workshops are focused primarily on Dancehall steps created by Jamaican pioneers; taking his students on a cultural journey from history to present, while incorporating his very own signature steps.
Ovamarz favorite quote by an unknown writer is:
“Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass…it’s about learning to dance in the rain”

OvaMarz (Founder of Aboveadem Dance Group)
Dancer | Dance Instructor | Performing Artiste | Creative Choreographer

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BOOKING AGENT (EUROPE): DanceJa Movement & TopUp Production

Facebook: /OVAMARZ
Twitter: @aboveadem
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Virus Spin -2005
Raging Bull -2006
Conquer Dem -2007
Paper Bag -2007
Sha-lala-la laa -2007
Nuh Linga -2008
Footloose -2008
Elder Skip -2008
Nuh Behavia -2009
Step Ova -2010
Formation -2011
Now You See Me, Now You Don’t -2011
Best Pon 2 Foot -2012
Dancing Phoenix -2014
Adam & Eve -2014
Hot Rice -2014


“Raging Bull (Glory Days)” – Mr Vegas feat. Ovamarz (2006)
“Foot Loose” – Ovamarz & Qsean (2008)
“Footloose” – Tornado feat. Ovamarz (2008)
“Nuh Linga” – Ovamarz, Qsean & Ding Dong (2008)
“Sassa Step” – Ovamarz & Qsean (2009)
“Rampage” – Kurt Allen & Ovamarz (2009)
“Dutty Badmind” –Ovamarz (2009)
“Nuh Behavior” – Voicemail feat. Ovamarz (2009)
“Nuh Behavia” – Kiprich & Ovamarz (2009)
“Paper Bag” – Ovamarz (2009)
“Party Hot” – Ovamarz (2009)
“Everybody Dance Now – Ovamarz (2010)
“Street Groove” – Ovamarz (2010)
“Badmind Friends” – Ovamarz (2010)
“Shine for Mama” – Ovamarz (2010)
“Now You see me, Now you don’t” – Ovamarz (2011)
“Formation” – Ovamarz (2011)
“Wake Up” – Ovamarz (2012)
“Best Pon 2 Foot”- Ovamarz (2012)
“Way We Roll” – Ovamarz feat. Fambo (2013)
“Dancing Phoenix” – Voicemail feat. Ovamarz (2014)
“Hot Rice” – Ovamarz feat. Faydra (2015)
“Hot Rice” – Mr. Vegas & Ovamarz (2015)
“Hot Rice” – Voicemail feat Ovamarz (2015)


Cayman Islands

“Best Dance Creator” (2011)
The Bogle Award was presented by CaribVibes Tv to Ovamarz for his many contributions to dancehall.

“Best Dance Group” (2009)
USA IRAWMA AWARD (International Reggae and world music award) nomination

Best New Dance Group – Above A Dem Squad (2009)
by Stone Love Awards

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