Oshane Lloyd Forrest, (2 November 1989) born and raised in Bog Walk, St. Catherine, Jamaica is a Dancehall Dancer and Choreographer by profession. He started dancing in 2006 at his High School and was influenced by his fellow school mates as well as by watching party videos. Oshane fell deeply in love with the Dancehall genre of dance in 2009 when he danced with his first group Ed Haadie. Although not a prominent member he gained a lot of experience by working with them, as he met a lot of dancehall Icons such as Latonya Style, Shelly Belly and Collo Collo to name a few.

In the year 2011 he formed his own dance group comprising of 5 members which he named Overload Skankaz. In that year they entered numerous local competitions in Jamaica, the most popular being Dancing Dynamite and JCDC World Reggae Dance Championship. They did not advance in the Dancing Dynamite Competition that year but won third place at the World Reggae Dance Championships in their first year entering the competition. In 2012 Overload Skankaz entered Dancing Dynamite again and advanced to 4th place and was also nominated in the Youth View Awards for best local dance crew.

Oshane used the social media to promote his talent and showcase his group, since it was difficult for dancers living in the rural part of Jamaica to attend weekly dancehall events such as Uptown Mondays, Boasy Tuesdays and Weddy Wednesdays in which much dancers gain popularity in the streets. With their strong online presence he got the opportunity to do several dance collaborations with local dancers as well as international dancers such as Maggi Bonning from Germany, Ale Camera from Poland, Flava Expression from New York who learn from their videos and admire their creative skills. You will see Oshane or his group being featured in official music videos for Beenie Man, I octane and other local artistes and in 2012 they won the DanceJa Online Award for Best New Dance Group. The group is known worldwide for their popular dance steps such as Gaza Man Crazy, Reload, Upload and Step up. His personal achievements include judging several dance competitions, cyber dance competition in Jamaica and teaching at Big up Kemp in Russia,

At DanceJa Skool and Dance Xpressionz, Oshane gained teaching experience when he teaches students from around the world who were visiting Jamaica to study Dancehall Culture. He also taught at Elementary Schools and High Schools in his community. In 2014 Oshane ventured to Russia to participate in the annual Big Up Kemp as a Dancehall Instructor straight out of Jamaica. To further educate people about the culture of dancehall, while helping them to understand the body language and posture of the style Oshane teaches a Dancehall Evolution Workshop once a week at Dance Jamaica Cultural Centre and does private sessions with foreigners from Europe, USA, Japan and other regions.

Oshane intends to be a part of the growing culture of dancehall by playing his part and working hard as he has always done, his motto is: “Do your best and let God do the rest.”

Created by Overload Skankaz

Gazaman Crazy (2010)
Reload (2011)
Upload (2012)
Steady Beat (2012)
Revolver (2012)
Aim and Fire (2012)
Tidal Wave (2012)
Black Spyda (2012)
Compass (2013)
Wagga Wagga (2013)
Captain Sparta (2013)
Road runner (2013)
Puss Jook (2013)
Excitement (2014)
Island Breeze (2014)
Bazzle (2014)
Caesar (2014)
Step Up (2014)
HI-5 (2014)
Ghetto bounce (new)

Video links to performances:

Gazaman Crazy by Overload Skankaz

Road Runner “Gimmi 8” Ddance Moves by Overload Skankaz (2012)

Compass Dance Moves edition by Overload Skankaz (2013)

Beenie Man “My life so happy” Dance Moves Edition (2014)

Overload Skankaz on Dancing Dynamite

Overload Skankaz Deablo Frassbox Choreography by Oshane Overload

Overload Skankaz World Reggae (2011)

Oshane Overload and Swaggi Maggi

I-Octane –“Hot Spot” Official music video

Beenie Man – “My life so happy” Official Music Video


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