Nuh Badda We Crew from Austria was formed in March 2012, by Mimi, Anna, Kathi and Lucia. All of them were dancing Dancehall before, but not together in one crew.


Mimi listens to Dancehall music for long time and was always interested in dancing, but she started to dance Dancehall more professional when she lived in Paris and participated in many dance classes. In October 2011 and December 2012 she took part at the Austrian Dancehall Queen Contest and reached 2nd place at both contests.


Anna started to dance Dancehall in 2006. In 2007 she reached 2nd place at the Lower Austrian Dancehall Queen Contest. She started the Chaka Chaka Crew and did shows in Austria and Germany, also with another crew named Swag-a-lution. Since 2009 she’s teaching weekly Dancehall Classes and Workshops in Austria. She is also a Selectress, known as Choopz.


Kathi found her interest in dancing at an early age. She danced Street Dance for several years until she discovered her passion for Dancehall dancing. She was part of the Jiggle Bees Crew and another crew named Swag-a-lution. With both crews she did shows in Austria and searched for the newest dancehall moves.


Lucía has knowledge in many different kinds of dance styles, from classical dance to Hip Hop. She danced some years in a Hip Hop crew, named Credentialz. She started to learn more about Dancehall dancing when she lived in Paris, where she was in the Class of DHQ Amzone.


The crew tries their best to support the Austrian Dancehall Scene. You can find them at most of the Dancehall partys and concerts and you can see the crew in various videos of local artists, like Miss Str8. Members of the crew were dancing on stage with artists like Mr. Vegas, Major Lazer, Leftside, Elephant Man, Demarco and some more. The members always do their best to learn and link up with other Dancehall dancers whenever they have the chance.

Anna & Mimi are also customizing clothes and accessories for themselves and dancers like European Dancehallqueen Binta, Scandinavian Dancehallking Kristoffer and Dancehall Expert Latonya Style.

Get your owner lighter

Their mission is to spread authentic Dancehall and build up the small Dancehall dance scene in Austria.
That’s the reason why they started organising Dancehall Workshops with international dancers in Vienna. Until now they planned workshops with Swaggi Maggi, Mad Mike, Vendela (Blackout Crew), Kristoffer (illuSion Crew) and (together with other promoters) the first Workshop in Austria with a Jamaican Dancehall Dancer, Latonya Style.

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Nuh Badda We Crew feat. Vienna Dancehall Class- Bumaye

Nuh Badda We Crew- Get your owner lighter (Vybz Kartel)

Nuh Badda We Crew feat Kristoffer illuSion (Austria- Sweden link up)