My name is Akirtava Eleonora, but everybody knows me as Nora Explora
I was born in Georgia in 1987.
When i was 5 i removed to Russia with my family,
To keep me busy my parents used to take me to the music school, dance school n so much more. So guess that was the starting of my passion.

For now I’m working as dentist! Yeah yeah! Dentist) but who said doctor cant dance?
So if to say about my dancing career it will take too long.
that’s why shortly:

From 6 I was dancing my national Georgian dance
If to take street dancing-  I started when I was 17
By 21 I started teaching, and surely it was Dancehall.
Till then I used to learn hip-hop, krump, c-walk But none of them has that passion and fire inside as Dancehall has.

My progress for now

– Explora Team ( my beeeeaaaauuuutifull team)
– wining some dance battles ( but if to say the truth it doesn’t mean a thing.
– organizing dancehall events from the name Explora Team Pro (workshops, parties,battles)
– judging in competitions

For now I’ve been at workshops from:

-Latonya Style
-Andre Cosmic
-Jr Black Eagle
-John Bling
-Shelly Xpressions
-Mathew Shady Squad
-Kim Weezy
-Noris Blazers
-Maria JaRussian ( Russia)
-Rorie Fire Di Blacks (Jamaica.Sweden)
-Blacka Di Danca (Jamaica.USA)
-Blazin Team (France)
-Camron One Shot (France)

Events from Explora Team Pro:

– Andre Cosmic (workshops,battles, party)
– Mattew Shady Squad n Camron One Shot ( workshops,party)
– White Night Dancehall Party (party, battles)
– Dancehall Intensive with Sri-Lanka, JR Black Eagles, Maria Jarussian, Explora Twins (workshops, parties,battles)

For now me and my team are getting ready for Dansa Bling workshops and surely I wont stop on it!

In Feb-March 2014 the aim is Jamaican trip! We wanna show Russian people what is Jamaica and what Dancehall culture is.

And for the ending I want to say from my heart that I wont stop till people understand what the real Dancehall is.