Nina Chikitita
-The Dancehall Mamacita
Chikitita, aka Nina Miskovsky the Dancer / Choreographer / Dancehall teacher with over 23 years of teaching experience, born in Sweden and lived in Kingston, Jamaica for 6 years.

The name Chikitita was originally given to her by the legendary Dancehall dancer; Bogle aka Mr Wacky, “The Godfather of Dancehall” who she also has danced with in Jamaica. He used to call her “Chiktita 1” and she later changed it to Chikitita, connected to her Swedish origin through the ABBA song “Chikitita”.

Nina aka Chikitita has danced since the age of 6 when she started with ballet and then went on to find her street roots as a teenager with StreetDance and HipHop. In 1989 she moved to Philadelphia in the US to study and dance the style called “New Jack Swing”. When she returned from Philly she started teaching StreetFunk and HipHop in the year of 1990 and it was the beginning long career as a dancer, dance teacher, choreographer and fitness instructor. Chikitita also introduced the latino based fitness form, Zumba in 2004, in both Sweden and Jamaica.

She started teaching Dancehall after a long trip to Jamaica in 1995 after that she went back to Jamaica basically every year until she moved to Kingston in 2003. Since then she has been a part of the Dancehall Community and has performed at events like: Dancers Boom Jamaica, Hype TV, In The Dance and Hit Me With Music, TVJ – Smile Jamaica, in Jamaica. Rototom Sunsplash in Italy & Spain, The Voice Concert in Sweden, The Official EVE/Shaggy/Cabo Snoop Tusker After party in Kenya, etc. She is the first European Dancer who established herself as a Dancehall Dancer in Jamaica over time. She was nominated by Dance Jamaica as most popular International Dancer 2011 and got a 5th place in the world. She had the privilege of learning from and dancing with the legendary dancer, Bogle aka Mr Wacky for some time and has toured in Kenya, Spain, Italy, Finland, Jamaica, Denmark, England, Sweden, Sicily and USA.

Nina Chikitita

Some of videos where she is featured are:
“Dutty Wine” with Tony Matterhorn
“We nah bow fi money” with Jr Reid
“Workshop” – Zumba Workshop
“Kids Workshop in London” – Kids Dancehall Workshop at Brixton Dance School in London
“Workshop in Jamaica” – Dancehall workshop in Kingston, Jamaica
“Dance Finland” – Dancehall Workshop
“Workshop at Friskis” – Zumba Workshop
“Gimmi sum” with Versatile
“I don’t worry”/”Never leave I” with Bugle and Tarrus Riley
“Swing Like Girl” with G Monei
“Bottom of the Barrel” with Tifa
“Everyday” with Mr Lexx aka Lexxus
“JamdownJazz” with Shifta,Faeron,Ricky10&FrankWilmont
“Bill Gates Money” with Sanjay
“What about it” with Lutricia McNeil
“No way”&“Good life” with CourtneyJohn/Yogi
“Inspired to inspire” with Albihno
Rototom Sunsplash – Spain:
“Press her button” – Kimik feat. Futuristic Linguo – Kenya:
Picknickfestivalen – Gothenburg with Billie
“Run/Lyrical” – Calado from Alliance Next Generation
“Choose your friends carefully” – Tahz & Chi Ching

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