Maria “Jarussian” Kashnikova

maria jarussianTo start with I would say that I got this name from Jamaican dancer John Bling, cause when he met me he said that I’m not just Russian, Im JaRussian, that my spirit is different and it is very Jamaican,thats Y in My name there r 2 countries – Jamaica and Russia. Cause will always learn more about TRUE Jamaican culture, but  I never forget where I came from.

I started my dancing career when I was a kid with Russian folk dancing, then move to modern dance and contemporary. But I was always interested in street dances, so I was going to many hip-hop and house workshops. But my true love came to me when I met dancehall. This music and this dance has so much to tell to people all around the world that I couldn’t resist it power and fell in love with this dance. My first teacher was Laure Cortellemont, even though she was teaching Ragga Jam, but she was the one who showed me dancehall music and my first dancehall steps. And then I started to take classes from all Jamaican teachers coming to Russia: Fire di Blacks, Sickinhead, Latonya Firstclass, Andre Cosmic, Sri lanka Rifical, John Bling, Shelly Xpressionz, Orville Xpressionz, Crazyhype MOB, Raddy Rich, Global Bob, Keiva di Diva, Papstar Akademikz etc. But as I thought that I can’t understand the culture without going to the country where it came from, so I decided to go to Jamaica and see everything for myself, do my own research. Now I been to Jamaica 2 times already and it was a great experience for me. Going to parties, doing video shoots for artists, just living everyday Jamaican life is amazing, it can’t compare to any workshops in any other country. And this experiense hepled me to achieve my first goals in dancehall: Winning 2d place in solo and 1st place in doubles on Fynest step dancehall competition in Moscow(2013) and win Favorite female dancehall dancer from Russia at DanceJa awards(2013). I also participated at First International Dancehall Championship in Kingston, Jamaica (2013). And also I opened my own Jarussian Production, company that organizes the tours for Jamaican dancers in Russia. And so far I brought Andre Cosmic, Sri Lanka Rifical, Latonya Firstclass (Jamaica) and Groovin Skull (Serbia). But it is only the beginning 🙂

Right now I’m representing for Elite team, Rifical team and DanceJa in Russia. And I’m running my Jarussian team, going to different cities to teach dancehall classes and planning my next trip to Jamaica 🙂




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Maria Jarussian