Malu Romero was born in 1995 in the city of Lima-Perú, she felt in love with dance at a late age when she was 17 to 18 years, and now in such a short time she is respected and recognized all over her country as a really good Dancehall dancer and promoter.

She discovered her passion for dance with Hip-Hop and locking in a cultural school of street dance in her city, where she also discovered Dancehall in a funny way.
Her best friend loved reggae and she told her why she doesn’t learn some Dancehall moves, and she was really curious and look out for some tutorials.

She was sure that was HER STYLE just the first time she felt the riddim, this style was incredible for her and make her felt totally free and happy, and so she look for some Dancehall classes in Perú and she couldn’t find anyone, and also her Hiphop teacher told her “YOU can’t learn Dancehall here, you have to go outside of the country to do it, otherwise you won’t be able to do it”. As she is a really persistent person and doesn’t give up for what she wants, she could find one in a school that was really far, but she went there because of her desire to learn.
She went to classes in a school called “Funk and Soul Family” ,because there was a teacher that just came from Argentina to teach Dancehall, her name was Damy Leonardo (a really good Dancehall queen recognized in Argentina and she used to train with the famous group Daggering squad).

Malú was one of the best students , and when Damy had to return to Argentina she let her place of teacher at the school.

By that time, Malú was studying economics in one of the best universities in Perú, but she dropped that because she wanted only to dance for all her life.
Next year she was so lucky that a new career appeared in a good university called PUCP , it was the career of “Bachillor in Scenic Arts with Mention in Dance” . She didn’t had to think it and she go for it , she did well in the audition and go into it and now she is in her second year of Contemporary Dance.

She kept on doing Dancehall, and many people discovered her talent and she was invited to form part of group in a school called TFS PERU one of the baddest schools in Perú, she was invited to perform in many Dancehall partys and invited to teach Dancehall at a course of street dance at her university where she was teacher all the year 2013.

As she was showing herself everywhere she danced, she got sponsored by a famous brand called “ONER”, which creator also owns a night club called NASTY hiphop bar where the baddest Hiphop and Dancehall partys goes on.

The highlight of her dancing career is when she got to film some Dancehall videos with the peruvian Dancehall artist Masta Ganja, when she perfom a Dancehall coreography for the recognized group “Violadores del Verso” in their concert in Perú and when she linked up with a Dancehall studio called “Dual Music Studios”, with them she works and plans to keep the Dancehall up in Perú and Latinoamerica.

She just wanted more peruvian people to know about Dancehall and she also link up with a dancer called Makita Berrios, and together they created their community and fanpage (first Dancehall community in Perú)

Malú Romero also got to booked Craig to come to Perú with the help of Makita Berrios, and together they organized her trip and got to learn a lot from him, and received all the Dancehall vibes straight from Jamaica.

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