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Makita Berrios was born on January 5, 1994 in Lima – Peru, met dance through the Hip Hop for 12 years, met the Dancehall by Reggae music in 2013, she won the first battle of dancehall in Peru.
Makita is recognized and respected by that battle, and for being named official broadcaster Dancehall Peru level.
She discovered her love and passion for dance barely born, always wanted to be a professional dancer until she could earn a scholarship in one of the best schools in urban dance in Peru, his name School D1 Vania Masias, where she to this day Today is formed as a teacher, broadcaster, dancer and student with the best staff of teachers.
Makita belongs to one of the best urban dance group named “Movement In Da House”, they, his second family, but helped him discover his love for Dancehall.
Having won the first battle of Dancehall in Peru, Makita decided to discover and disseminate more this style that no one knew and here was where he met Malu Romero, now founding day of the first community of Dancehall in Peru and first page of Dancehall in Facebook “Peru Dancehall Feeling” thanks to this Damy met Leonardo, one of the best DancehallQueen Dancer and Luis Flores AKA “Krocante” discovered thanks to them and decided to continue spreading Dancehall.

Makita has traveled to different parts of Peru spreading the Afro-Jamaican culture, has given more than 15 workshops Dancehall throughout Peru, of which 2 of them were in the best schools of urban dance D1 Dance and TFS, also recorded two one of them was music to “Masta Ganja” a great exponent of Peruvian Dancehall and “Real Respetc” Peruvian rapper.
He has also had various presentations dancehall parties or important events in Peru Peru’s community and Movement Dancehall Feeling In Da House.

Makita has had intensive training with different dancers from abroad as Sofia Valentina and Grille, Rodolfo Robles, Alex Bernales and Javier Campos from Chile and different dancers and Hip Hop Dance Sexy from USA
Through all of this she decided to support his idea Malú to bring Craig Black Eagle, had the support of different brands such as Shango, Oner, drobs and Vania Masias D1 School.
Thanks to D1 School Vania Masias, Makita is organizing a battle of Dancehall in a major national event, named “PuraCalle”.

Makita is grateful for the support given to her level and agradecidad Peru to have the two best families, especially their birth family, with the support of her parents she would not be where it is now.
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