The Magnificent Dance Team (MDT) was created in 2007 by a group of young men from the Yallahs High School. These young men would engage in friendly dance battles to show each others skill at lunch time and in the evenings, as a result of this a union was formed and that was the birth of the Champagne Squad now known as the Magnificent Dancers. On there journey the group has performed at KFC’S “On The Verge” talent competition, Dancing Dynamite audition, Lucky Dollar Supreme Venture Dance Competition and at several school concerts in their community such as Yallahs High, Morant Bay High, Paul Bogle High, Seaforth High, and St.Thomas Technical School concert. As dancers there goal is to become icons and ambassadors for the dancing world. Their motto is ‘Go hard and continue, do it with all thy might’.

Magnificent Dance Team


Dance Moves Created:

“So Happy” by Shamong
“Humpy Dumpy” by Kemar
“Gi mi way” by Kemar
“Sealah” by Boogz
“Bad and Brave”
“Look at me now”
“Elbow Smooth”
“Roll Out”
“John bull”
“Boasy Step”

Contact and Booking Info:,
Twitter: magnificent dancers @magnificentsham
Phone numbers: Sham- (876) 572-5875, Kemar- (876) 296-4566 and Boogs- (876) 435-7926.