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Odane Stewart otherwise called Koolaz from BG Dancerz Dancehall Crew was born on March 13, 1994 at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston, Jamaica. He is an amiable, well mannered, humble and loyal individual, but admits to be a little talkative at times. He was adopted and raised by Clara Stenneth, who he calls his grandmother in Nine Miles, Bull Bay, St. Andrew and attended Gardens View Basic School, Bull Bay All-age School and Donald Quarrie High school in Kingston. Koolaz fell in love with dancing at the age of nine when Elephant Man released his song “Chaka Chaka”. The day he heard the song, was the day dancing started for him. He would dance in front of his mirror and watch himself to see if he was doing well, but when he went to parties he would not even move his hands. He was extremely shy at the time; however while attending Bull Bay All Age School, he challenged himself and entered a dance competition to show everyone that he could dance. He did not win and the audience booed and laughed at him, which made him really sad, until he went to school the next day and everyone told him that he danced real well. The compliments convinced him to continue dancing. During his high school years 2006-2011 he joined a dance group called Full Clip and at the age of 15 he started to take dancing serious. He competed with other dancers and won competitions at school and decided to enter Dancing Dynamites. The competition required three dancers in each group and that’s when he met up with his new friends Damion and Llyod, who came together and started practicing for this competition hoping their dancing dream would come through. At the audition they did a good job to please the crowd but the judges were not impressed. They continued dancing for their school and entered JCDC Dance Competitions, where they won Gold Medals for their school.

After graduating from high school he left the Full Clip Dance Crew and formed a group with Damion called Knockout dancers but the name changed eventually to BG Dancers. This name was indirectly given to them because they always attended the weekly event in their community called BG Mondays, and the selectors and patrons decided to call them BG Dancers as they were the first dance group in their community (Burgha Gully) in the Mountain View/ Rockfort area. The group started off with 5 members Koolaz, Damion, Nigel, David and Adrian. Koolaz and Damion were more serious about dancing and DanceJa decided to work with them to develop their skills as performers and teachers. Later on Raphael (Japanesekidd) joined the group and the 3 of them started to attend weekly dancehall events such as Uptown Mondays and Boasy Tuesdays. The trio entered “On The Verge” Talent Competition and made it to the Semi-finals and entered Dancing Dynamites in 2014.
Koolaz is now a Dancehall Teacher at Dance Jamaica Cultural Centre in Kingston and conducts workshops and private sessions teaching the many steps that his crew has created as well as Authentic Dancehall Dance Styles from past to present. He is also teaching dancehall at Kingston Technical High School. In April 2014, he got the opportunity to learn about Dancehall Theatre and did a performance at the Dancehall Theatre Takeover Show and was featured on TVJ Smile with his coach Cindy Claes and represented Danceja Collective. He performed with Voicemail at the Dancing Dynamite 2014 Launch Party and at DanceJa Talent Pre January 2015. Along with his team members, he is currently performing throughout Jamaica as main dancers for weekly events as well as for special parties including Retro Parties. They are respected in the streets of Jamaica and are in high demand worldwide to do dancehall workshops.
Odane is a valued member of the Dance Jamaica and acts as a strong voice for Dancehall Culture by being an articulate ambassador for Jamaican Dance Culture.

Created by BG Dancerz

1. Dead Dem Dead
2. Future Move
3. See me now
4. Too fast to slow
5. Scoop
1. Step pan
2. Mr. Young
3. Gun Crazy
4. Chill spot
5. Greetings
6. Happy Time
7. Walking gun
8. Big Belly Man
9. Knockingz
10. Gimmi a Minute
1. Gun Crazy (part 2)
2. Media Killer
3. Rich in Love
4. Wul Dem
5. Kill Quick
6. Dutty Foot
7. Dutty Step
8. Hot step
9. More than Happy
10. Get mad
11. Galang

Dancehall Dancer/ Dance Teacher/ Choreographer
Contact Info
Phone number: 1(876)850-6161
Email: koolazbgdancerzja@gmail.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/koolaz.clip

For Bookings: dancejaskool@gmail.com

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