Cat Pwiti aka Killa Cat, founder of Burncity Queenz (Melbourne’s first official Dancehall dance group), and Jungle City projects has been managing, coordinating, choreographing, dancing, performing, and supporting countless projects, events, and performing artists for almost a decade. She has been dancing for as long as she can remember and from the age of seven was determine to grow up to dance. She has travelled all around the world discovering different dance styles and ways of expression through movement, starting off in a variety of Hip Hop styles such as Poppin and Breaking, but it wasn’t until taking a Dancehall class in London that she knew she finally found her soul as a dancer. Since then her passion and love for Hip Hop, and Dancehall culture has been her driving force and over the years has blessed her with the opportunity to work alongside amazing people and project. Some highlights in her career to date include: Featuring in music videos such as ‘Freak’ by Drumsound and Bassline Smith – while being 4 months pregnant; and ‘Shake that Thing’ by Yung Warriors; Performing and facilitating workshops at festivals and events around Australia; supporting legendary Dancehall artists including Cecile, Demarco, Guppy Ranks, and Leftside; and most recently managed the first annual True Jamaican Dancehall Tour with Dancehall pioneer Latonya Style. Cat’s dream is to come to Jamaica to learn firsthand from the dancers who have inspired her over the years, and continue growing Dancehall culture and dance in Australia as authentically as possible.

As a dance facilitator – Cat has extensive experience working on arts projects that utilise dance in performance, as well as in storey telling and personal development Cat’s style of teaching is inclusive, participatory, and draws on the skills, personalities and goals of each unique group she works with, whether its teenage girls, adults or a professional team. A qualified youth worker Cat is particularly skilled in working with teens and addressing social issues through movement and dance.

As a project and youth worker – Cat has ten years experience working across the youth, music and performing arts sectors Cat has developed strong skills, experience, and networks as a project coordinator, event manager, and youth facilitator. Her strengths in these roles are diverse and range from creative development, and fund raising right through to delivery and evaluation.

As a performer – Cat has experience in both live performance and in film and video. She performs both as a solo artist, as well as part of her dance troupe Burncity Queenz, and her student ensemble Jungle City Dancers.

To date Cat has choreographed and/or performed in the following projects and events with Burn-City Queenz, Jungle City Dancers and as a solo artist:

• Jungle City dancers and Burncity Queenz featured in ‘Mini Cooper’ promotional concept video
• Burncity Queenz and Jungle City dancers open air workshop as part of ‘First Friday dance sessions’
• Burncity Queenz and Jungle Dancers supporting Latonya Style at the White Night Festival Melbourne
• Burncity Queenz support performance for Latonya Style – True Jamaican Dancehall Tour Melbourne & Sydney

• Burncity Queenz performance at ‘One Love’ festival
• Jungle City Dancers featured in Gappy Ranks music video
• Burncity Queenz featured in Yung Warriors ‘Shake that Thing’ music video
• Burnicty Queenz support performance for US Hip Hop artist Twista
• Burncity Queenz support performance for Jamaican Dancehall Artist Leftside
• Burncity Queenz support performance for Jamaican Dancehall Artist Demarco
• I Love Dancehall dance battle 4th Bday event – Jungle City dancers/Burncity Queenz
• Burncity Queenz performance at Miss South Sudan Beauty Padgant 2013
• Jungle City dancers flash mob performance as part of the Official Youth Week launch
• Jungle City dance workshops and I Love Dancehall stage show at Seven Sisters festival
• Burncity Queenz support performance for Jamaican Dancehall artist Cecile
• Burncity Queenz I Love Dancehall stage show at Sunshine festival
• Burncity Queenz and Jungle City dancers performance for International Womens Day
• Project Curator for the Bring It Hip Hop festival produced by the Art Centre
• Burncity Queenz support performance for UK Dancehall artist Gappy Ranks

• Burn-city Queenz and I Love Dancehall collective performance at the Suzuki Night Markets
• Burn-City Queenz performance for the launch of the United Struggle project DVD/CD
• Burn-City Queenz performance at I Love Dancehall tour to Hobart
• Lead dancer for the Barkley Arts & Melbourne Art Centre eMotion project alongside Demi, and Jon G
• Dance assistant and performer with A.R.A.B for the Horshom ‘Art Is’ project
• Participating as a Professional dancer with A.R.A.B for the Signal 37 project
• Burn-City Queenz performance at I Love Dancehall 3rd Birthday event, Pressure Drop 6th Birthday and More Fire 11th Birthday
• Featured in the ‘Freak’ music video for UK Drum ‘N’ Bass group Drumsound and Bassline Smith
• Choreographing, teaching and performing as ‘Dancer in residence’ for B.A.C’s ‘New Skins’ project
• Burn-City Queens performance at I Love Dancehall 2nd Birthday, Melbourne

• Burn-City Queens performance as back-up dancers for DVS, at Redemption Fridays, Competition.
• Choreographed and Performed as part of Northern Trax, Melbourne International Arts Festival
• Burn-City Queens performance at I Love Dancehall Tasmania
• Burn-City Queens performance at Jamrock, Sydney
• Solo dance performance as part of Elf Tranzporter’s LO2’s Fleet at the Wide Open Spaces Festival, Northern Territory
• Burn-City Queens performance at the Reggae Festival at Ceres Children’s Farm
• Burn-City Queens performance at Tropical Island Discotech event at First Floor
• Burn-City Queens performance at the Haiti Benefit event at the Abbotsford Convent
• Solo dance performance as part of a Elf Tranzporter and DJ Takaco gig at Section 8

• Burn-City Queens performance for New Years Eve ’More Fire’ party at Deep 11
• Burn-City Queens performance at the 1st B-day of ‘I Love Dancehall’ at First Floor
• Burn-City Queens support performance for Akil the MC (Jurassic 5, LA) at Octobar
• Jungle City performance as part of the Frolic theatre production – WEYA at Signal
• Jungle City Performance as part of the Youth Action Conference at Etihad Stadium
• Burn-City Queens support performance for the Killa Queens show at Laundry
• Dance facilitator for Rhythms of the Streets Hip Hop Theatre production – WEYA

I Love Dancehall Melbourne Dancers promo video

Yung Warriors ‘Shake that thing’ music video

Contact details:
0401 175 225