Kadia Parker was born 1986 in Mandeville, Manchester. She is a member of the First Class Dancers which started in the Cayman Islands where she resided for a few years. In 2008 she realized that dancing was her true passion and made the decision to move back to Jamaica with plans to pursue her dance career. Even though she was not professionally trained, her inborn talent and the love she had for her craft was always her driving force and once on the dance floor she displayed her natural dancing skills effortlessly.

She gained popularity in the streets by attending several Dancehall Weekly Events. She was recognized and stood out above the rest as she was very fashionable and wore high heals, while dancing. Her old school groove and flow caught the attention of International Artiste Sean Paul, while she was doing the Gully Creepa at Uptown Mondays one night. He personally invited her to one of his Music Video Shoots, where she scored a solo highlight. Kadii’s name was mentioned in songs by Recording Artistes Elephant Man “Calm dem dung” and Munga Honorable’s “RR”. She has done back up dancing for artistes such as Beenie Man, Macka Diamond, Danielle D.I, RDX, Mr Lexx, Marcia Griffiths at some of Jamaica’s biggest Events and Festivals such as Reggae Sumfest and Sting. Kadii also appeared in several local and international music videos.

Not only is Kadii a dancer by profession, she is also a Stock Analysis for Entertainment Establishments in her Parish Manchester. Kadii’s goal is to hit the mainstream with her talent and appear in more International Music Videos while gaining some financial success by using her talent wisely, working hard and staying ambitious.