JR BLACK EAGLE aka Mad Eagle
Professional Dancer, Instructor and Choreographer
Dance group – BLACK EAGLES

Jr is an internationally acclaimed dancer blessed with a unique talent. His way of dancing is original, neat and impressive. Jr have created a lot of popular dance moves, released by Black Eagles, but is also known for promoting dance moves created by other dance groups. Jr is an amazing choreographer and composer behind many successful routines and performances.
For Jr dancing is more than a passion, “dancing is my life”.

“I have loved dancing since I was a young boy”
Jr started dancing at the age of 10, inspired by the late and great Bogle. Even though his family did not support his dancing, he was determined to follow his dream and become a dancer. Jr grew up in a big family in Clarendon but moved to Spanish Town, St. Catherine when he got older and attended Bog Walk High School. New at the school, he surprised his peers with his amazing dancing skills. He started attending dance classes in the evenings and joined a dance group called Ed Haadie. Jr performed and entered competitions together with the members of Ed Haadie. In 2011, Jr and Nick, who also was a member of Ed Haadie created a new group. They named the group Black Eagles. Black Eagles was created as Nick and Jr entered the TV broadcasted competition Dancin Dynamite. Black Eagles have entered a lot of competitions and became very popular around the country. Entering competitions gave Jr publicity and turned him into a recognized dancer. It also gave him important experience in performing and choreographing. Jr have helped a lot of dancers with concepts for shows and building routines.

Jr is a professional dancer and choreographer with a lot of experience in teaching and building choreography. Jr can do many different styles of dancing and have studied Dancehall, hip hop, African, Salsa and modern dancing at Edna Manley School of arts.
Jr teach classes in Dancehall at Dance Ja dance studio and he have teached a lot of workshops to foreign dancers visiting Jamaica.
Jr have also traveled to Russia and toured the country doing performances, teaching workshops and judging competitions.

Russia February 2013:
Judging, performing and teaching at Dancehall International in Moscow

Russia September 2013:
Judging, performing and teaching in the following cities
Saint Petersburg
Saratov city
Kazan city
Ekaterinburg city

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Couple up on Dancin Dynamite (first 2 min)

Judge Performance in Moscow

Dancehall International workshop Moscow

Workshop in St. Petersburg Seh Dem Bad Routine

JR routine in Russia

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Instagram: blackeaglesja

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