(Montreal, Canada / Kingston, Jamaica) Born a Rebel with a cause, Stacia “Fya” Edwards fell in love with the stage from an early age. Her mother being a professional actress, she literally grew up in the theatre. That would be the motivation which pointed her in the direction of what would become her passions.

She started her career as a Professional Model with Hardcopy Models (Jamaica). Afterwards became a Professional and Certified Dancer/Choreographer; working on stage with Taurus Riley, Busy Signal, TOK, Beenie Man just to name a few. It then came natural that she would also want to fulfil the dream to have her vocals be heard and appreciated.

After meeting with Brian Kotler from Indie-Rootz Records that all became a reality when he asked her to participate with his project, The Genzeb Compilation with her first ever song called “Blessed Love”. That was just the beginning. She has since gone on to voice on The LadyLike Compilation, Confusious Compilation and the soon to be released Natty Congo Compilation. It has been a creative and beautiful relationship between Stacia Fya and Indie-Rootz Records over the last three years.


“Blazin” is the culmination of all songs that Stacia Fya has recorded with and produced by Indie-Rootz Records with the exception of “Skiddididip” which was produced by Endre Edwards. You can experience her creativeness in music starting from a Techno-Reggae flavour transcending to a real Rootz Reggae vibe and every where reggae in between. You can find the “Blazin” E.P on ITunes and Amazon for December 2013.