Imenella SwedenAlias: Imenella
Nationality: Somalia ( Lives in Sweden)

D.O.B.: June 8 1988 [Gemini]
Titles: Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Instructor

Companies: MAD (Make a Diffrence)
Dance Group: SOLID

Choreographer & Coach: Million Dollarz dance crew

Experience: Over 10 years- Dancehall Dancer




Started Dancing: At the age 12 trained by Melpo Mellz ( Double Trouble)

Professionally: 2009


Awards Received

* International dancehall championship dance queen 2013 – Jamaica
* Scandinavian dancehall championship 2013 – Sweden
* Swedens official dancehall queen 2012 – Sweden
* Bust a move dancehall battle winner 2013 – Sweden
* Dance award dancehall battle winner 2012 – Sweden
* Late night show case battle (SoMad) – 2011 / 2012
* Tyresö Dance award best dancehall show case – (SoMad) 2010
* Tyresö Dance award best hiphop show case – (SoMad) 2010

About :

My name is Imenella my close ones call me Imen i was born in Somalia but came to sweden at verry young age i am raised by my single mother and 4 brothers n sisters. I started to dance dancehall at the age of 12 with my mentor and big sister Melpo Mellz. When i started to dance dancehall i was a very troubled and sad little girl , dancehall made me express my feelings and express whatever i was feeling into my dancing it helped me grow to the strong women I am today i believe. My biggest inspiration is Mr wacky gone but never forgotten. When i was younger i use to watch video clips from street partys in Jamaica and try to move as smooth as he did it felt impossible at the time n 12 years later i still dont think i got it but i will never stop trying. Dancehall to me is more than dancing to understand JAMAICAN DANCEHALL you have to learn about the fashion . the parties . the dancers . the music and its history. My mom always you know more about Jamaica than you’re own home country lol wich might be true but I feel like thats what makes me happy. I finally went to Jamaica my first time in December 2012 and even though i knew so much about Jamaica when I came i felt like i knew nothing , everything felt unreal and crazy that was the happiest moment of my life. when i’m in Jamaica i try to learn as much as I can I go to Danceja school where all my teachers work Elite Team . Latonya Styles (First class) Schoy . Kimiko (First class) Famous (Colo squad) BG dancers . Young Ravas and many more. i try to learn as much as i can in class and at the parties and come back to Sweden and share it with my students Million Dollarz dance crew. The reason I love dancehall so much you never really stop learning everyday its a new step out and you have to catch it it never ends. 2013 August i won the title international dancehall championship dance queen It was the greatest feeling ever and I am so very proud to represent dancehall anywhere I come in the world with that title. Dancehall is’t just what i do its whoI am.


Facebook: Imenella von Mohamed