ENOUGH PRODUCTIONS – DANCE CREW – ENOUGH DanceXperience (Dance school)

→ A dance crew/production & promotion team from Stockholm, Sweden.

→ 10 members who represents the SWEDISH FAM and the ZERO NATION.

→ Dancestyles: DANCEHALL but also experiences in Hip Hop, House, Balett, Contemporary etc.

→ Sayings: Sasaaa, fitt! Enough is enough!

→ Inspiration: ”Dancehall – The story behind it, how it unites people from all different backgrounds/parts of the world and how everybody can express themselves through this remarkable culture and dance. It’s an amazing sanctuary.”

They also travel to Jamaica at least once a year to get deeper into the dancehall: the dancing, the history and the culture to educate themselves and to develop their style ”in the streets of Kingston”. DANCEHALL is their biggest passion and a great part of their life. They want to share and spread the dancehall with the world, it’s very important and that’s why they teach and do what they do.

→ What we do: Dance and teach dancehall classes and workshops, music videos, promotion, create shows, performances, events and more.

→ LINK US: www.enoughproductions.com | FB: Enough Dance Crew | YouTube: enoughproductions | Instag/twitter: enoughdancecrew | enough.productions@gmail.com | FB Page: Enough Dance Crew

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The crew has gained alot of attention during the years and have gotten great recognition for their original idéas, clean style, their way to create and setting trends. They always aim to represent authentic dancehall and show their versitilty – with one male dancer + an Official DancehallQueen + a bunch of old school loving dancehall enthusiasts – they always seem to deliver just that.
In early 2013 two of the members entered the competition Dancing Dynamites in Jamaica, together with Craig from the well-known jamaican crew Black Eagles, competing on the TV show as ”Black ENOUGH”. ENOUGH are also especially known for this popular video to Vybz Kartel – Weed Smokers:

The members have performed as opening act at concerts such as:
Tommy Lee
Sean Paul
Mr Vegas
Jimmy Cliff
Aidonia & Suhverto
Kevin Lyttle
Chaka Demus & Pliers
Brick N Lace

Besides sharing a stage with soundsystems such as Coppershot (JA), Black Chiney (US), they’ve also appeared in videos and worked with artists like Major Lazer, Busy Signal, Shaggy, Ding Dong, Ovamarz, Mr Lexx, Khago, Craiggis, Quick Cook and Samboni, Sanjay, Jozza K, Werrason and Mohombi plus several swedish-based artists.


Major Lazer ft. Busy Signal – Watch Out Fi This – http://youtu.be/_zCoCa6b6cU
Werrason ft Mohombi – I Found A Way – http://youtu.be/P6c_g0DHMkg
Ovamarz – Now U See Me Now You Don’t – http://youtu.be/Nw6Iubg7-RM
Jozza K – We Getting It – http://youtu.be/LyrrKZC1L2c
Mr Lexx – Dem A Wife / Nah Beg A Gyal – http://youtu.be/5uoYHwu8i_8
Quick Cook & Samboni – Wine Up Fi It – http://youtu.be/5BlKNMYZqrY
Ding Dong ft Bravo – Dat Mad
Shaka Pow ft Swaggi Maggi – Top Up
Khago – Pretty Wine
Craiggis – Friends B4 Fame

… and more.

Photoshoot with ENOUGH – http://youtu.be/qRoGHjexmdQ
ENOUGH – Hello Badmind SHOW – http://youtu.be/f7ax0nFkgFw
Mavado – Go Look A Gyal – http://youtu.be/CvDhSiKkCuk
“UNCLE Vodoo” @ Tommy Lee Sparta concert – http://youtu.be/kZEWgo3lLJA
“WORLD BOSS/BADMIND” @ POPCAAN’s concert – http://youtu.be/2S8oDoN3xjw

A night with ENOUGH in JAMAICA

MOVES created by ENOUGH
Many of these usually started of while goofing around like some kind of joke and has later on been developed into moves people started to enjoy:

”STIFF” → http://youtu.be/K4kO-UtMfWg
”AQ” → http://youtu.be/K4kO-UtMfWg
”Eagle” → http://youtu.be/OuNrVCOAJt0
”APE SH*T” (Watch our Instagram)
”P*ssy Bounce”
”Swedish Bounce”
”Soap (Såpa)”
(Unofficial moves)
Panty fly
Suh Nice

MOVES created within the SWEDISH FAM
King Kong

The crew was founded back in 2008 by the dancers Alexandra, Stephenie and JacQueline. They’d all been dancing since a young age and met for the first time back in 2005. The crew was baptized during a trip to Jamaica in March 2009 and they have since then been teaching and performing together as ENOUGH.
In 2012 they decided to expand their crew and together with their former students AQceS Dancers they’re now a whole new ENOUGH with 10 members.
“We represent something different; everybody has their own flavor, appearance, personality and style… That’s what makes us who we are, the diversity is fun and unusual but we all come together because we all share the same passion for what we do”.
Individually they also work as promoters. Doing streetpromotion and sampling for the companies as well as hosting parties and has through the years been connected through SoBlue with
Bands/products: MTV, Puma, Nike, Nissan, Toyota, PSP, Nokia
Artists: Jay-Z, Missy Elliot, Rihanna, DJ Clark Kent, Lady Gaga, Ne-Yo, Akon
Events: ELLE awards, MTV DJ Challenge, Nokia Xpress Music, Air Force 1 etc.

Together with the SWEDISH FAM & KingsMusic Prod they’ve also started bringing jamaican dancers to Sweden as well as other dancehall pioneers to help increase the knowledge of real dancehall – Sri Lanka (RificalTeam), Latonya Styles (First Class), Orville Hall (Dance Expressions). It’s very important for them to give back to the culture and the people that has created the foundation! ENOUGH (together with the dancehall elite in Sweden) are also involved with the new annual Swedish International Dancehall Championships. Except for creating a nice competition they hope to increase the growing interest, knowledge, love and respect for dancehall in Sweden.

For more info or to book ENOUGH for events, shows, workshops, promotional gigs, music videos etc:
Email: enough.productions@gmail.com
Website: www.enoughproductions.com
Facebook: Enough Dance Crew
FB Page: Enough Dance Crew
YouTube: Enoughproductions
Instagram/twitter: enoughdancecrew

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