DanceJa would like to use this opportunity to acknowledge all the Jamaican Dancehall Dancers for the wonderful work they have done to strengthen the art of dancehall dancing. It is important that we recognize persons who have contributed significantly to this phenomenal cultural expression and therefore we decided to analyze the dancehall dance industry in order to determine suitable nominees for different categories relating to dance.

25 Nomination Categories were posted to our Facebook Fan page with designed photographs of each nominee in which persons were able to “Like” their favorites in the relevant categories. Voting polls were also on our website for persons without facebook pages. The main purpose of this effort was to RECOGNISE the dancers and persons who play a part in their success as they are usually disregarded or pushed to the side. This is their time to shine and be noticed.

25 Nomination Categories (16 Individual Winners, 9 group awards)
16 Special Recognition Categories

The feedback we received from this gesture was overwhelming as we gained over 6,000 “Likes” for our Facebook Fan Page and over 1000 persons signed up on our website in order to vote within a 3 week period.

This created a buzz online and in the streets and we wanted to host an Official Awards Ceremony in February (Reggae Month) or March 2011 to formally present awards to the winners. However we did not received any sponsorship to facilitate this event.

Our voting polls were officially closed on January 29, 2011.

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1. Choreographer of the Year: [Christina Gonzalez, Maria Hitchins, Stacia Fya, Latonya Style, Kameica Reid, Conray Richards, Orville Hall]
2. New Dance Group of the Year: [Elite Team, Chekkazz, Expensive Squad, Priceless, Transformer, Kleva Ks]
3. New Male Dancer of the Year: [Gabbidon, Black Star Liner, Helmet Head, King David, Raddy Rich, Andre Cosmic, Dave Ravas]
4. New Female Dancer of the Year: [Anika, Crazy Swizzlebody, Shari, Kim Weezy, Fluffy Krissy, DHQ Koolie]
5. Best Dressed Male Dancer: [Pencil Man, Dansa Bling, Nazarene, John Blingas, Zico BFree, D&G]
6. Best Dressed Female Dancer: [Bita, Kadii Firstclass, Nadesha Star, Mad Michelle, Mumzel, Gillian]
7. Artiste/Dancer of the Year (Male): [Ding Dong, Chi Ching, Dolla Bounce, Overmars, Sample Six, Advance Chekkaz]
8. Artiste/Dancer of the Year (Female): [Mumzel, Mystic, Latesha, Mad Michelle]
9. Promo Model (Dancer) of the Year: [Boricia, Kizzy, Unique Chin, Shante, Pinky Starz]
10. Dance Move: [Punk Rock, Step Ova, Swag Dance, Walk n Talk, Follow Thru, Clouds]
11. Best Dance Group (Stage Performance): [Shady Squad, Hiyah Style, Dance Xpressionz, Card Unit, D.O.J. Elite Team]
12. International Dancer of the Year: [Unit Ravas, Fire di Blacks, Gana Gana, Sick N Head, Shelly Belly, Marvin, Sample Six]
13. Best Dance Videos on YouTube: [Cautiion, Akademik, White Out Corp, Rawtid Videos, Ghetto Legacy, NariKingston, Tiquini/Cookie Jah]
14. Video Director of the Year: [Dextor Potinger, Di Rawtid Yute, The Truth, Jay Will, Janelle Dyer]
15. Music Video (to highlight Dancers): [Richie Loop “My Cup”, Sean Kingston/Nicky Minaj- “Dutty Love”, Tifa- “Move Yu Body”, Lady Say “Party Till December”, Elephant Man and Bounty Killer – “This is How We do it” and Serani- “Follow Thru”]
16. Male Dance Group (In the Streets): [Ravers Clavers, Sample Six, TNT Squad, Cullo Squad, Dazzle Dem, M.O.B, Kadillac, Suburbs, Boasy Squad]
17. Female Dance Group (In The Streets): [Dance Xpressions, Swizzle Body, First Class, Dutty Fridaze Crew, Vibe Ihatas]
18. Outstanding Male Dancer: [Overmars, Global Bob, Doctor Bird, Dansa Bling, Famous Kid, Manie Gooch, Bermuda Kid]
19. Outstanding Female Dancer: (Kartoon, Stacey Xpressionz, Mad Michelle, Shelly Xpressionz, Stacia Fya, Latesha)
20. Video Man of the Year: [Scrappy, 2GRAN, BETV, Night Hawk, Sean Flava, Prince Sowah/Jack Sowah]
21. Best TV Show to Endorse Dancers: [Dancing Dynamites, Magnum King & Queens, RETV Dining with the dancers, In the dance, Hype TV Up and Live]
22. Dancehall Artist for Dancers: [Macka Diamond, RDX, Elephant Man, QQ, Shaka Pow, Tornado]
23. Dance Song of the Year: [Elephant Man- “Step Ova”, Capleton- “Clear It”, Samboni ft. Ching “Walk & Talk”, Ding Dong- “Follow Thru”, Fire Links- “Free Up Mi Foot” and Busy Signal “Guh Pon Yu Head”]
24. Selector of the Year to Endorse Dancers: [Boom Boom, Fire Blacks, Shampoo, Gary Chucks, Fire Links, Chris Diamond, Fireribz]
25. Birthday Party of the Year: [Stacey Xpressionz, Kadian Swizzle Body, Kayan Kleva Ks, Nadesha Star, Q Dazzle Dem]