Dancehall Dancing started out with the female as the center of attention, they would dress in flamboyant outfits and hairstyles and were the main attraction in the dance hall. Around the world people recognized Jamaican women as being very skilled in isolating their hips or wining. In recent times there has been a change from the regular, wine or bubble and the female dancers are becoming more acrobatic, flexible, brave and bold with stunts and tricks to leave their audience in awe. The Artistes have a lot to do with this evolution of dancehall style as they are now singing dance songs especially for the females to bruck out, 6:30, broad out, kotch, split and headtops…

The Couture girls gained major popularity since this exciting Dance Era. The group started in 2009 with young ladies residing in Portmore, St. Catherine in Jamaica. They got major attention when Sher would light a cigarette and take a puff while on her head top, as well as going on her headtop while balancing on a redbull or mackarel tin. She did her signature stunt – “flick ova and drop dead” in RDX – Jump video which has over a million views.

You will see the couture girls in videos such as:
Konshens – “Jiggle” + “Big People Ting” + “Si-Dung”
Aidonia – “Fi Di Jockey”
Baby Cham – “Back Way”
RDX – “Jump” + “Broad”

Currently the main members include:
DHQ Sher formely Sher Rumbar, Group Leader and 2012 International Dancehall Queen of Jamaica
Creator of dance move: “Cute and Likkle Bit”

Renee 6:30 who is double jointed, flexible and an expert at the 6:30 Dance Style hence the reason she got the name Renee SixThirty

DHQ Nickeisha 2013 St. Catherine Dancehall Queen and creator of the Mosquito Net/Mesh Dance Move

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