Popular Jamaican Dancer Craig from the Dance Group Black Eagle, is making waves on the International Scene. In 2013 Craig went on a solo trip to Moscow, Russia for Dancehall Workshops and to Judge a big Dancehall Event. Craig gained popularity from his appearances on Dancing Dynamite Competition and thru his highly anticipated Youtube video clips, both solo showcases and with his group members.

In 2014 February to March Craig got the opportunity to visit Peru to perform and teach Dancehall Classes for a whole month courtesy of Peru Dancehall Feeling, a Dancehall Community and Fanpage movement by Makita Berrios and Malu Salinas, who are the main dancehall promoters in Peru.

Craig was based in the capital of Peru : Lima. He taught a workshop on 26-February with Jared Jedkins, a hip hop choreographer from The Broadway Dance Center and with Valentina Grille of D Zone Crew from Chile. The workshops were held in one of the best schools in Lima called “Escuela d1 de Vania Masias (school d1 of vania masias). For the month of March he taught twice per week in the same school. He also did some private classes and he will being doing a workshop Sunday 30 March with a house dancer from Japan called Hiro organized by SCHOOL of Vania masias, in the best festival called Pura calle with other International Dancers

The special highlight of his trip was when he danced at an event called “De La Calle a La Tarima” (From Streets to the Scenery) with one of the best hip hop groups in Peru called In Da House Movement.

Craig’s Dance Skills, Positive Character and Image had a lot of brands interested in sponsoring him. In particular the famous brand “Shango”, sponsored him several pieces of clothing from their line. Another Brand that showed interest in Craig was “Oner”, high store brand. The most recognized photographers followed “Peru Dancehall Feeling” team everywhere, because of Craig. Also Craig help us train our group “Peru Dancehall feeling”