“Straight from Guadeloupe Island in the French West Indies and living Paris , Chazou is a dancer and one of the founders of the group Alliance Kingz in France. He started doing dancehall since 2007 in solo then with the group Gwadom Styl’ (now Alliance Kingz) in 2011.

His first inspiration is definitely the whole Jamaica; the culture, the roots, the dances, the founders, the dancers… and this never change. I will never forget where this dance is born.

chazou dancer

To describe his personality Chazou used these 3 words: respect * humility * dancehall.
About my dance style: smooth * speed * precision.

Chazou’s principal motivation is “the sharing”. “I love to create and share for people, my students, my friends and all dancers over the globe.” he stated.

Chazou already has some hit dance steps like : GO HARD, WALKING DEAD or COSMO WALK…

“Dance is not my work but its my life and since I began , I live for it.

Till I die, I will dance and share my passion to the world with respect and humility.”

“I’m Chazou Officer and I’m from Alliance Kingz!”


Twitter: @chazouking

Facebook: Chazou Officer