Kimiko's First Workshop for 2014.

Workshop with TopUp Di Dance Jamaica Trip Participants

One-on-one Dancehall Workshop with Marie by Nick and Craig Black Eagle

Taught by Kimiko Versatile TopUp Di Dance Jamaica Trip "DANCE WORKSHOP"

International Dancer/Choreographer Blacka Di Danca teaches his students in Moscow, Russia some old and new Dancehall steps during the Dancehall International weekend. Big thanks...

Footage from Hanna Herbertson's Dancehall Workshop in Berlin (Germany) Dec 18, 2011. A bit about Hanna's background, how she builds a class and info about...

featuring Aneika Headtop, Sher Rumbaar, Nickeisha

G-Wine Gyalz presents: Dancehall weekend with Norris Blazers (from Supreme Blazers Dance Group in Jamaica) 7-8 May 2012 Saint-Petersburg, Russia VIDEO: MaryJane_production DJ: Simplemaxx Selecta Music: POPCAAN...


Dancing to Richie Stephens - "Everybody Dance"

Dancehall Dance Class / Workshop with Jessica Phoenix at Gotta Dance Atlanta Featuring Latonya Style from Jamaica Live DJ by DJ Yanks Carib Vibes Radio

Kool Ravers, Wizz Ravers and Desha Davis

Dancehall Evolution Masterclass by Oshane from Overload Skankaz

2014 Europe Tour Preview

Dancehall Workshop with Nick Black Eagle 4-July 2014 at DanceJa Skool