by Raytid

Mad eXpressionz Vol.4 Choreographers Showcase Choreographer Jessica Phoenix with the Fiyah ladies Monica 'Mo' Noble Lisa L-boogie Bauford Krystal PrissyEck Brown Rebekah itsallgood Parris Lauren...

Maria JaRussian + Arthur (DSI) + FBI connect with Dancehall Choreographies

SYRIN (Ground Zero- New York) & Jessica Phoenix (FIYAH SQUAD- Atlanta) Dancehall Dancers Link up. Also featuring Donna Ray of Dancers Blvd.

ft CHINEY and D&G New Dance - Wibble Woble!!

Best Dancehall Performance 2-April-2015

Harry Toddler and Docta Bird - "LOUD" Music Video  

Live Performance at Elephant Man Concert in Barcelona Spain 23-May-2014 by Attitude Dancehall Crew


Dance Xpressionz performing at Xpressive Moves Graduation 21-May-2011

Ova-Marz Above A dem music video for his new 2011 single No you see me now you don't, Produced by Chimney Records

Double Trouble Duo from Sweden performs with Kip Rich at the Final Elimination how for Dancin Dynamites 2011.

Hanna Herbertson dancing to Spice ft. Missy Elliott "FUN" 2011 for her Dancehall Fusion Class in NYC

Dubble Sickz Squad dancing to Vybz Kartel - "School Youths" Dancehall Choreography

Team DanceJA members close the Arthur Guinness Day Show with a grand performance for Busy Signal's hot single: "Watch out Fi Dis" on the...