Bobb Griffith was born 9th of May 1981 and grew up in Castries, St. Lucia. From a tender age his interes was always in dancing. He started dancing in the neighbor’s shop doing dancehall styles from Gerald “Bogle” Levy. His first stage experience was at the Jr. Calypso Competition (one of the biggest event for Schools in St.Lucia). From that time on he became very known and was frequently on stage.

In 1994 he started dancing at the Silver Shadow Inc. Dance School in St. Lucia doing Dance education in Modern, Jazz, Hip Hop, Breakdance and Acrobatic.

In 1996 he built his own Dance Crew called “Sunrise Crew”. They had numerous Dancehall, Soca and Hip Hop Shows and Bobb was the Choreographer of the group. At that time he created his own dance style called Hip Hop Reggae (a mixture of Hip Hop and Dancehall Dance Styles, but dancing only to Dancehall music).
Sunrise Group was always invited to performed by big festivals in St. Lucia and other Caribbean Islands example St. Kitts and Nevis (Carnival Queen & King Show), Dominica (Bouyon Festival), Martinique, St. Vincent, St. Martin, Antigua and Barbados. They danced as background dancers for Beenie Man Concerts in St. Lucia. Their big dream was to go to Jamaica however the group broke up in 2001 and they did not get the opportunity to.

Bobb started working in a Hotel as a Dancer for the Shows and in the year 2004 he went to London for 6 months to get more knowledge in dancing.

End of 2005 he made his way to Austria where he built up the Dancehall Scene. At that time Austria knew only Shaggy and Seed (German Group). Dancehall was not really common. He started teaching Dancehall, Hip Hop and Hip-Hop-Reggae in different Dance Schools in Vienna (Performing Center, Studio an der Wien, Vienna Dance Center, Studio Mackh and Studio Maar). In the beginning it was very hard to bring the Dancehall, and the vibes to the people, just Hip Hop was playing a role. In his classes he teach his choreographies and explain the music the steps and the creator of those steps, so the people have more knowledge about Dancehall. Always at the end of the semester he create a Dancehall Choreography for the students to perform on stage.

Since 2012 year Bobb started teaching Soca Jam in the Dance Schools.

Steps created:
-Catch it quick
-Snap short
-Run pon dem
-Joy ride
-Voice di tune