Birth Name: Fabian Shaw
Address: Kingston 16, Jamaica
Dance Name: Blazer Frass aka Prince Charmer
DOB: 6 March 1988
Age: 25
Height: 5′ 8″
Stats: dancer, song writer, choreographer, dance instructor.
Favorite Food: dumpling and banana with stew chicken.

COMPETITIONS: Winners of in the dance, Dancing dynamite finalist, Winners of JCDC Community Talent Search, World reggae dance finalist, On The Verge Finalist, 3rd Place in Tastee Talent Search.

MUSIC VIDEOS: Mr Vegas – “Daggering”, Snoop Lion – “Lighters Up”, Charley B – “Gipsy”, Samantha J – “Tight up skirt”, Kreesha Turner” – Rock Paper Scissors, Cherene Anderson – “Haffi come back”

PERFORMANCES: Performed at several Shools and Colleges in Jamaica, UTECH, UWWI, Jerk Fest, Digicel & Lime Road Shows, Youth View Award.

DANCE MOVES: Steppa life, Cronix, Ben deh go, Cave man, Cool Runnings, Range 1

WORK: Choreographer for lime 2.99 commercial. 2012-2013, Choreographer for D Squad 4th Place in Dancing Dynamite 2013.

Blaer rass grew up in a rural community of St Mary where he was viewed as a quiet and shy young man. He surprised many because of the outstanding man he is today. He always admired dancing from a tender age. The fantasy of becoming a dancer became a reality at age 10 when he won his first dance competition at a school event. From there, he was recognized as a little dancer by his friends and family. At the end of high school BLazer Frass began taking dancing more seriously. It was there that he found out it was his true passion. Forming one of Jamaica’s best performing dance groups “Supreme Blazers”, he stepped up as team leader and stood out as a innovative choreographer and creator of steps that made the group unique in the execution of their craft. He then coached his team in their first recognized competition and came out champions. Dancing is what makes him the positive person that he is today, the star of his community and this popularity encourages him to be a positive influence for others. The work continues as dancing is what he loves. “Its my dream, my reality & I’m proud to say its my job”.

In October 2013 Blazer Frass was feature on a Lime billboard in HWT, Kingston Jamaica

Lime Billboard