#1 Performance Group in Jamaica

Kings of New School Dancehall

4 Members:

Nick (Nicholas Richards), Jr (Kemardo Douglas), Craig (Craig Williams) and Prince (Daniel Campbell).


Black Eagle Dancers have charmed the whole world with their creative movements and extraordinary talent. As Kings of New School Dancehall they have uplifted dancehall dancing to a higher level. But what you might not know is that the Black Eagles dominate all type of Dancehall dancing including older movements from the late and great Mr. Wacky/Bogle up to present time. The Black Eagles are quick to learn and remix dance moves created by other dance groups. Except dancehall which is their specialty Black Eagles also perform other dance styles such as Hip Hop, African, Salsa, Disco and Modern.

Black Eagles specialize in dancehall but can do all type of dancing

The strenght of the Black Eagles is their versatility. They are both neat and energetic. The Black Eagles dance with great feeling and musicality and they master advanced movements and acrobatic tricks such as somersaults and handstands. When it comes to dancing, there is nothing the Black Eagles cant do.


Black Eagles was created by Nick (Nicholas Richards), and Jr (Kemardo Douglas) in 2011. Before creating the Black Eagles they danced in a group called Ed Haadie. The 4 members of Ed Haadie decided to enter the TV broadcasted dancing competition Dancin Dynamite in 2011. But the rules said there could only be 2 persons in each group, so Nick and Jr entered separately, using the name “Black Eagles” for the first time. They reached far in the competition, gained popularity and became recognized in the streets as Black Eagles, so they decided to stick with the name. The following year they entered the competition again, but this time the rules had changed to include 3 persons in each group. This is how Craig Williams became an official member of the group. They scored the highest points week after week but dropped out in 5th place due to lack of votes. The Black Eagles became very popular all around the country through their apparance in Dancin Dynamite, and have been an inspiration to many other dancers.

Black Eagles have a close cooperation with Overload Skankaz, and they have performed and entered dance competitions together. In 2011 Black Eagles and Overload Skankaz entered World Reggae Championship together using the name Black Eagle Overload. They came 3rd place.

In 2013, Black Eagles helped choreograph for a school group named Bridge Port in Dancin Dynamite. The group placed 3rd in the competition. One of the dancers in Bridge Port was Prince (Daniel Campbell) . In may 2013, Prince joined Black Eagles and became the forth member of the group.

Black Eagles is a performance group who have a lot of experience and skill in creating entertaining stage shows and entering dance competitions. But it seems as if the competing days are over and Black Eagles are now focusing on other parts of their dancing careers – “We are too big to enter competitions, now we want to create dance moves and teach.”

Since 2012 Black Eagles have been a part of the Dance Ja Team working together with other top dance groups such as First Class Dancers, Elite Team, and Rifical Team.


Dancin Dynamite 2011, 5th place

World Reggae Championship 2011 (Together with Overload Skankaz), 3rd place

Dancin Dynamite 2012, 5th place

World Reggae Championship 2013, 4th place


The Black Eagles is the nr 1 performance group in Jamaica and have performed at numerous events throughout the whole island.

Black Eagles teach dance classes at Dance Ja School, and have teached workshops to dancers from Finland, Sweden, Japan, Brazil, Poland, Russia and more.

Black Eagles have a lot of experience in choreographing. Not only for themselves, but for other dance groups as well.


Workshops, judging competitions and performing in Russia (Craig and Jr).

Workshops in Argentina (Nick).



Black Eagles have created a lot of popular dance moves such as …

Hey gyal

Cool n Deadly


Loss Dem


Crawl Out

Cyaa Follow

Sick Inna Mi Head

Wrong Turn

Base Line

Find Di Riddim


Old Scool

Old Skank

Watch Di Gyal Dem

Body Motion

Run Way

All Angles

Grease Up


Black Eagle

….. and many more


Ed Haadie/Black Eagles performance 2011

World Reggae Dance Championship 2011

Dem Nuh Bad Routine

Hey Gyal

Loss dem

Gimmi 4 dance moves

Pop it


Sick Inna Mi Head

Sick Inna mi Head advanced

Road Rough Routine

Hardcore Dancehall Routine

Grease Up Routine

Reggae Routine


Routine and All Angles




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