Baby Ice, whose real name is Stephan A. A. Ledgister, was born at the Jubilee Hospital on the 30th of October 1994. Grew up in the inner city community of Waterhouse, Kingston 11, but lived with his mother and brother in the sunshine city of Portmore, St.Catherine.

He attended the Kensington Primary School (2000-2006) then moved on to Jamaica College (2006-2012). At J.C is where Stephan took the career of dancing as a profession after in 2007 where he went to an event held at the Chinese Cultural Development Center, RETV TOUR, where he met and dance along side David Smith A.K.A Ice on stage. This is where Ice named him ‘Little Ice’ after which they met again at a dance in Waterhouse, Kadillac Saturdayz, and danced together once more and Ice said he should settle with the name Baby Ice.

Since then, Babyice has been a member of Third Dimension Dancers, led by his brother Andre ‘Dre Star’ Smith and Managed by Good Vybez Entertainment. He has been in several music videos, done performances, entered competitions and even starred and co-starrred in popular Jamaican movies. Baby ice also creates dance moves which he hopes in the future will become a world wide success.

“My future plan is to one day get that million dollar opportunity to endorse dancehall culture worldwide as how my fellow comrades, Orville, Blacka di Danca, Matthew Richards etc., have done and also own my own dance studio or better yet dance school where I can teach and choreograph new and upcoming dancers and even entertainers.”

Performances (Shows)
• Youth View Awards
• High School Barbeques (Holychildhood, Queens, Alpha Girls School, Wolmers Girls, Immaculate, Pennwood High School, Cumberland High, Greater Portmore High)
• Church Functions (St. Patricks. St. Pliax)
• St. Josephs Teachers College
• Miss Jamaica Talented Teen Competition
• Miss Universe Jamaica
• In The Dance
• ISSA Boys and Girls Championship
• Jamaica Grand Gala
• Digicel Juss Buss (Commercial and Tour)
• Courts Road Shows
• Club Privilege
• Charity Show (Queensborough)

Music Videos
• Raine Seville – Listen
• Checkazz – Juss Buss
• Good Vybez – Good Vybez Summa Swing
• Elephant Man – Gully Creepa
• Dwayne Stephens – Kingston Town
• Fyesta – Happy Life
• Cornelious Grant- Fi Di Gal Dem
• Lypher – Make One
• Ryan Mark – Touch Di Road
• Keep Dem Meadly
• Sir Ford – Gwan Talk
• Stress Free Meadly
• Robert Sutherland Ft Hebrue – Jamaican Girl
• Konshens – Jamaican Dance
• Tifa- Get Flat

Movies (Short Films)
• Kill Dem all and Done (Co-Star as Gun Bag)
• Bashment Granny The Movie (Extra)
• Badluck #SOON (Star as Craig)
• What have I Become (Short Film)
• Jellyman #SOON

• REtv (In the Dance Behind The Scenes)
• MDtv
• Cvm at Sunrise
• Hype tv (Up n Live)

• International Dancehall Championship
• On the Verge
• Dancin’ Dynamites
• Dance Off (Holychildhood High School)

Telephone: 1 (876) 575-4763
Facebook: Babyice Thirddimension
Twitter: @3dbabyice

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