Aneika Francis born in Jamaica was determined to be a force to recon with. In 2010 She brought versatility, skills, and personality to the dancehall scene and in the streets of Jamaica. After entering the 2010 International Dancehall Queen competition and placing second she decided to work even harder to get the popularity and recognition she deserved. She was awarded Best New Dancer 2010 by DanceJa according to the vast number of votes from her fans and admirers on facebook. Aneika started doing numerous video clips everywhere she went which proved to be a strong marketing strategy to gain fans locally and internationally. Everyone enjoyed watching her creative styles and skills, where she would go on her headtop, spin on her headtop, “Rip The Runway” on her headtop, do Handstands, Front and Back Flips, Splits, Cartwheels, crabs and many more stunts that left her audience in Amazement. Like any other rising star she gained a few rivals and haters but she embraced them with a smile and was never afraid to take on a challenge.

In July 2011 Aneika went on her first dance show to Grand Cayman, alongside Selector Boom Boom, Dancehall Channel and Pencil Man of Ravas Clavas. She then went to Nassau Bahamas also with Dancehall Channel represented by 2Gran who is responsible for her Management and Bookings.

Headtop Aneika, entered several DHQ competitions in order to gain the official Dancehall Queen Title. She was placed second in Portmore DHQ, she Won Trelawny DHQ on July 23, 2011 and one week later was crowned The Red Label Wine International Dancehall Queen (July 30, 2011)
Written by DanceJA