Aline began to dance at the age of 5 with training in Ballet, Jazz and Afro jazz.

Spotted by the dance academy she dedicates lot of time to learn and dance.

Sensitive to the energy and to the esthetics of African dance moves she is interested in all street dances influenced by African dance.

In the same time her love for Reggae Music and Sound Systems grows and her focus become to spread and push Dancehall.

Aline is the founder of Colors Entertainment and she is also involved in various artistic and educational projects – Music and Dance – as management, supports of emerging talent, coordination of event and valuation of Dance.

Since 2008 she organizes workshops with European and American dancers and since 2012 she works with DanceJa to push up Authentic Dancehall by making come Jamaican dancers, promoting and protecting the culture. She becomes a Danceja link in France.

Considered for her pedagogy and her experience of more than 10 Years in various professional artistic projects, she is a major person on lots of events as jury, teacher and choreographer.

Leader and Founder of Colors Dancing Crew with which she livens up some Dancehall parties, Aline is also called to choreograph shows for other dancers, creations mixing Dancehall part with other Afro urban dances which are presented on stage during Festivals.

Passionate, she loves learning & passing on and enriched by any experiences.

Her aim is to show Dancehall in a global aspect – Music & Dance – The one does not go without the other one.

“Spread a Culture begins by Loving and Respecting it”