Name : Alexander Mubanga (Alexx down-under)
Dancer / Choreographer / Dance Instructor.
D.O.B : 23/Nov/1988

Alexander Mubanga, who goes by the name “Alexx down-under” was born on 23 November 1988, in a small town called Kitwe in Zambia. In this Town, Dancehall & Reggae has been a huge influence on the people, especially dancehall of the 90’s. Alexx was introduced to Dancehall in 1999 during his 4th grade in primary school, where there was a lot of Dance Crews around and dancing to Dancehall music was the trend. They did not know that the correct name was Dancehall at the time, so all the selectors referred to the music and the culture as ragga, and a lot of mix tapes were called ragga back then (Ragga muffin, ragga ragga ragga, ragga asylum, etc). The Jamaican Artists that were popular at the time were Mr. Vegas, Bounty Killer, Buju banton, Shabba Ranks, General Degree, Cutty Ranks, Redrat, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Chaka Demus & Pliers etc. all favorites of Alexx.

Alexx started dancing in his 5th grade of Primary School, highly influenced and embraced dancehall in 2000. In 2007 his team won the Best Dancehall Team at their primary school dance contest. After finishing primary stage and moving on to a new school, he started dancing solo. Finally he had access to media and learned more about the culture through research: “I know more and I am pleased to say i am still learning and highly acknowledge that its not my culture therefore respect and enjoy it in the right and respectful way through dancing & promotion” he explained.

After he finished high school (grade 12) in 2008 at the end of the year he applied to study in Australia and got accepted. He moved to Perth City in Western Australia and took some time off from dancing for a few years, in order to focus on his studies. After he settled in this New city at the time in 2012 he decided to join a dancing institution/school called TDC and did a huge dancehall performance with the Crew which ignited a fire in him again for Dance. Having the knowledge about the culture & the skill to communicate through dancing, in April 2012 Alexx started teaching dancehall in Perth City at Fyah Dance Complex, and taught the the young migrant kids who went to Australia from all around the world (Sudan, Iran, Iraq and India just to name a few). He started the authentic dancehall movement and it has been a good year so far for him, with great response from his students and online friends who watch his promotional videos. “Step by step we-are-the-dance and I am ready to do more work in this city as far as repin Dancehall is concern, special thanks to Dance Jamaica and I am open to as much advice as they can give.”


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