Adina DHA1

Originally from Brooklyn NY, born to parents of Jamaican and Guyanese decent Adina started dancing at the age of 10 with a dance background in Hip hop and African Dance. In high school she joined the school track team where she grew a passion for fitness. In college Adina joined the LFL ” Lingerie Football Team” where she played quarter back for her team “New York Majesty. Injured, Adina left the football team to start working on her own fitness program which she started with her partner “Dmn Dice” aka “Pink Bling”. Adina’s love for Dancehall and fitness led her to start “Dancehall Aerobics” which was founded in 2011. “Dancehall Aerobics” is a fun Dance fitness program where students learn authentic Jamaican dance moves from the bogle and butterfly up to the current dances. Not only do students learn how to dance jamaican style they also get a total body workout, while listening to the vibrant rhythms of the Dancehall.